• Ed Davis

Be brave for those that need us!

This comentary on life , work or whatever pursuits that we follow was first published on Gapingvoid a year or so back.

Yes ...we sometimes underestimate our boldness and how we can have an affect on those that need us.

Time to get rid of self doubt. It is OK to fail before you hit the magic formula. History shows us that the willing will not always achieve greatness first time in the ring. But a few bloody noses will harden the resolve to be brave.

Companies and governments are not very brave today. There are to many kibbiters ( professional and otherwise ) wanting to throw rocks when they are offended by the braveness of the of others that can deliver believeable results.

Customers and citizens are also not fooled easily by delivery of services ( what is that any way? ) when a promise is is so easily dismantled by a computer clich. ( Not my responsibility said some middle manager ).

The message is don't be swayed by negativity. Don't listen to the fringe.

Be brave and you will be great. Maybe not this time but you must keep pushing the dream of boldness .

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